Slavery in our days

It is a great evil in the world that slavery is increasing in the modern world. Women and men are being lured into situations while they hoped to find a nice job.

When they arrive they are being received well than they are given een address to go to and upon arrival they take their passport and other identification papers from them and from that moment on they are slaves while they are being threatened that if they escape their family will being murdered or other terrible threats. Often they are working under very bad circumstances.

In Israel the IDF has worked hard on this terrible issue, especially at the Egyptian border. Now there is a decrease in slavery, but still much to do.

Not only women but also men who are working under terrible circumstances for a few dollars. No good home, bed or sometimes only a chair to live on. What a shame in our days….

Please be informed about this evil in our world and see whether you can do something about it. Wikipedia gives good information, also about the history of slavery. More sites give very serious information, also for your own country and see what you can do about it.