Yeshi building a house

Continuation from: Yeshi building her family

Yeshi has worked hard.
The great concern she feels for her heavily disabled brother Teddy continues.
It kept echoing: “We do not want our brother Teddy to have that kind of life (that means sitting by the roadside in order to beg for alms, WOV).
Instead we want him to have some means of life, a small industry, so that he can work for himself and become self-supporting.”

The JNEF (see: tries to help financially in order to develop a means of life so that Yeshi can support herself and her children. Yeshi also helps her brother in order to reach his goals.
Because Theodros had no place to live Yeshi asked us to help build a small house for Theodros. This was by all means the best solution for her disabled brother.

Many obstacles were on her path: the bureaucracy of the officials in getting the necessary licenses, the allotment of the right place for Theodros’ house and a small industry, transport of the building materials, guarding the building-site, etc.
In this stage Yeshi’s older brother told WOV how proud he is of his sister: “She is a real eshet chayil!”
WOV agrees.

At this moment the house is nearly finished. Theodros is delighted about it and he sees his future enlightened.
Yeshi did wonderfully well. She says: “Adonai gives me wisdom and strength.”
Theodros seems to be accepted by his future neighbours and  the children of the neighbourhood.

Shortly WOV hopes to give an eye-witness report of the fortunate development of this dear family…

By Mini Dubbelaar,