Yeshi persevered

Amsterdam, April 14 2010.

Dear Yeshi,

Three years have gone by. At that time we met in a hopeless situation. Many things have changed since. How well did you manage Yeshi!

For your heavily disabled youngest brother Theodros (31) you have built a house. He lives on his own now and with his kiosk shop he can take care for himself with your dear Aunt quite near for the cooking.

You yourself have started your own shop. You have married again and bore a baby-son. Your oldest daughter Dina will finish her exams this year.

Also your brother Sirach could start his own life; recently he married Salome.

We at Woman Of Valor are grateful that we could support you financially from the Jewish National Firstfruits Fund of the congregation Beth Yeshua and that your future looks quite differently now. May the Eternal One bless you abundantly, Yeshi of great valor, you and your beloved ones!