Brownies from Mountain Creek

Recently we celebrated Erev Sjabat with family and adopted family. This is always a festive time. This evening we also celebrated my husbands birthday.

At the time we had our dinner, my grandson Bram, 2 years young, looked at me with great hope and asked: “Chicken soup?” Being the grandma of this loving boy, my heart melts. He does not like vegetables, but chicken soup on Friday night is his most favorite dish. Mine too. He was eating way too much from this, so he had no space left for the fish dish and the not so nice looking but very delicious brownie as dessert.

As members of Beth Yeshua congregation we follow the Sephardic line of Kashrut for Passover cooking. Before this feast we remove flour and yeast out of our house, thus nothing from this in our recipes. In the Kashrut list are all the allowed food and food ingredients are mentioned.

Today as I was searching for a recipe for a dessert, special for Passover time, I remembered the brownies. This time I succeeded very well and I made them with ingredients allowed for Pesach. I gave them the name “Brownies from Mountain Creek”. In this name there is a hint to the village where we live in the Netherlands.


Ingredients for 20 big pieces:

Baking tin size about 36x28x5cm or 14,5x10x2 inches.

200 gram (2 cups) Walnuts

290 gram (1 ⅓ cup) Butter

540 gram (2 ¼ cup) Bittersweet good quality (Swiss) chocolate, chopped.

540 gram (2 ¾ cup) Sticky brown sugar or 4 ¾ cup fine cane sugar.

4 Eggs, beaten.

220 gram (1 cup) Sour cream

180 gram (1 ½ cup) fine Matzo flour.

3 rolls of Rolo (sweet chocolate candies filled with fudgy caramel) or other brand you can use.



Grease the baking tin and cover with a little matzo flour.

Roast the walnuts till they give aroma. Let them cool down and cut in little pieces.

Heat the butter and the chopped chocolate in a middle size pan on low heat, stir till combined well. Add the sugar, stir till smooth thick liquid. Take the pan from the stove and let cool down till lukewarm.

Preheat the oven to 180º C. or 350º F.

After each other add the beaten eggs, the sour cream and the matzo flour. Keep stirring till combined. At the end fold the walnuts and Rolo through the dough.

Put the dough into the baking tin and spread well. Place the baking tin just under the middle of the oven and bake during 20 minutes. The cake is still soft, may be a bit wobbly. Warm are the brownies most tasteful as dessert (together with ice cream). But to cut, you better let it cool down or even place in the refrigerator for a while. Cut in small pieces they are perfect to eat with coffee. You can also safe them in the freezer.


Pesach Kasher.