Delicious Omelet

6 large eggs ( remove the blood.)

3 medium onions
1 small bunch flat parsley
1 small bunch basil  leaves
1 table spoon full hyssop za’ätar herbs from Israel

Wash the parsley and basil  leaves .
Cut the parsley , basil and onions into thin strips
In a large deep bowl beat the eggs until light and fluffy
Add the onions, fresh herbs and za’ätar into the beaten eggs mix well.
In  a hot tefal frying  pan , brush some olive oil fry the egg s mixture with a large serving spoon like small pancakes untill golden brown on both sides.
Fire not to big .
This omelet is for all seasons.
It needs patience to fry it.
Salt can be added if needed.
The za’átar herbes have salt in it.
Serve the omelet with cooked rice , chutney, cucumber and tomatoe salade.
It is delicious with bread, it makes a delicious sandwich.

Baruch Hashem  for helping me making this recipe.
Grace de Folter.