Grace’s Easy Cheese Cake

1 cup full all purpose flour
1 cup full whole wheat flour
1 c½up caster sugar
2 teaspoons full baking powder
2 cups butter milk
5 large eggs
¼1 cup virgin olive oil
2 cups grated gouda cheese (young) or other yellow cheese
How to make the cake:
Lightly grease 20 cm square cake tin (pan) and line with baking parchment. Beat the eggs and sugar in a large mixing bowl  till fluffy. Add the butter  milk  and continue beating for one minute. Then add the flour and baking powder. Stir till well mixed and smooth. Now include the olive oil, the grated cheese and fold the mixture well mixed with a wooden spoon. Pour the mixture into the cake tin (pan ) and bake in a pre heated oven, gas mark 3, hot air oven 160°c for 35-40 minutes until well risen and golden. Insert a fine skewer into the centre of the cake; it should come out clean. Leave cake to cool before turning out and transferring to a wire rack to cool completely before serving.