In memory of Meytie Bruggeman

Meytie Bruggeman is the author of delicious recipes which have been published in our Dutch monthly magazine Melach HaArets for many years. By publishing them on our website we feel that we give honor to dear Meytie and we experience this as a comfort. Through this we give honor to HaShem.God gave her in her young years a vision of Messiah Yeshua. Through it she became a believer in Yeshua. That is how much He loved Meytie. Meytie understood what Messiah had done for her and she gladly accepted His gift of salvation. Meytie was born in a muslim family in Indonesia.
In May of the year 2004 our dear Meytie Bruggeman went to be with the Lord. In her daily life she was a cook in a home for people with a handicap. She was stricken by a very aggressive form of cancer.

We will never forget our dear Meytie who was a very strong believer in Yeshua and the Torah. She joined the people of Israel with her whole heart. Her speaking Hebrew was proof of it. To be in the city of Jerusalem was her heart’s desire. Meytie was loved by the members of our congregation and her passing away left us behind feeling that we lost a dear family member.
The recipes for Rosh HaShanah are made by Meytie.