My baby

My baby
by Lilian

She is here in my arms. She fell asleep at my breast. Now she is nicely dreaming with her little mouth half open and her little nose pressed against my breast. She is with us already a couple of months. She is so sweet, so beautiful, so peaceful and relaxed. The whole family enjoys her. Yet she is having fun with the big sisters and brothers, and her daddy is very proud. As expected, the baby and I are still very connected to each other, though the umbilical cord already has been cut some time ago.

What is it that makes us so connected to each other? My baby only desires to be very close to me or at least desires to be picked up very often. She wants to be carried while I do the dishes. She wants to be on my knees before and after playing, sleeping and feeding and often she prefers to be with me even while playing, sleeping and feeding. She basks in the warmth of my body and from studies we know that she can even recognize her mama’s smell.

I think this is all about establishing a  solid foundation of love that is unconditional. A kind of mutual attachment. Her soul attached to mine and mine to hers. In order to disconnect again when she grows up, more or less. With smaller and sometimes larger steps that are often painful. A time to give and a time to let go. And when there is that firm basis, a very firm basis, the child will be able to bear more later in life. Every time you as a parent give confirmation to your baby, the child learns early-on that his or her needs matter and that his/her person is very important and his/her self-confidence increases every time you give your child confirmation.

Those among us who have been damaged in this basic security must grow on a wall made of uneven bricks. That is not easy. In my opinion, the person who is capable to “equip” his/her children with this sense of basic security, even if he or she didn’t have such an education at early age, deserves a big compliment. Looking for recovery and being able to stop the continuation of the influence of the defect  in our upbringing may be called great.

But that can not be done alone. You can only do this with Adonai. He raises up those who are bowed down. ??That baby, my baby. She may exist. It is recognized by her special personality. I think she’s great. She’s simply accepted, without a doubt. She is loved, and I make a song for her while we smell each other. Praying for each baby in this world.