Mother of four

Since I have been a mother , and now a mother of four teen-agers, I have been encouraged and strengthened by certain principles that I have found in God’s word.

The first principle is:
GOD HAS CREATED YOUR CHILDREN FOR HIS PURPOSES. We live in Israel and, as many of you know, the pressures are extreme and the joys are also extreme. Not only do we worry about raising our children in this fast changing world, but we worry about external threats along with internal pressures. God’s words to Jeremiah in the first chapter have been a great encouragement to me. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; Before you were born, I sancitified you.” Jeremiah 1:5
This passage indicates to me that God knows and will sanctify our children. He has proces for them that He has created before the foundations of the world, along with good works for them to walk in. Ephesians 1:4, 2:10
No matter how much we may love our children, God loves them more. Therefore, we can trust Him to accomplish His proces in their lives.

The second principle is:
Some of you are ready to stop reading. Please don’t. The truth is that God has given you the exact child that will benefit from your gifts and callings. He has additionele provided you with special insight to know your child in a significant and unique way.
It’s undeniably true, that I know what my children are feeling, and what they are doing and even why they are doing it. When my kids are in trouble, I know it. When they are sad, I know it. When they are misbehaving, I also know it. They have told me that I am “scary” in that I know so much. I have told them, it’s not scary, it’s supernatural. It’s from God and for their protector.

The third principle is:
A very close friend of mine, Dottie Solomon once told me, in her delightful Southern accent, “Teen-age rebellion is a lie from the pit of hell”. It changed my thinking. Prion to this, I had always assumed that, at a certain age, my kids would simply rebel. I actuele hadn’t thought it out much, but just walked around with this lie in the back of my mind. But, I have learned, over the years, that the things we believe often materialize. Whether we act in ways to bring it about, or whether we simply don’t do what would make what we fear not happen, the truth is that, “as a persoon believes in their heart, so are they.” from Proverbs 23:7 has often been born out in my experience. Therefor, I have, actually, trained myself to expect only good and obedience and succes and open communication from my teen-agers. None of them have strayed from the path so far and I am confident that none of them will.

The fourth principle is:
There is a story told about Winston Churchill when he was asked to speak to a graduaten class in one of the universities. He got up, lumbered to the stage and said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never give in.”
And, with that, he sat down. There is also a joke told. What’s the differente between a pit bull terrior, and a Jewish mother?
The answer is that eventually, the pit bull lets go! I am not interesten in keeping my children infants and keeping them from theri detenties. But, I will never, ever, let go of the promises of God on their behalf. I will never let go of seeing them as happy, healthy, successful men and women of God, walking in His ways and bearing much fruit in their lives and in the lives of others.

These four principles, therefore, have been born out in experience and are scriptoria in nature. To repeat, they are;
1.God loves and will accomplish His proces in the lives of our children.
2.You are the right mother for the job.
3.Don’t believe lies and distortions that the world believes.
4.Never let go of the promises of God.

With these principles in mind, I believe we can be mothers after God’s own heart, and have our children, in due time, rise up and call us blessed.
May God strenghten us and enable us to fulfull our tasks as mothers according to His will and desire.