Adam where are you?

Where have you been, since I drove you out of My Gan Eden.

I can see you in Africa, one of those beautiful parks in this world.
Why do you position yourself in the most dark places of this land, hidden away?
Who told you to do so?

I expelled you, that is right.
But did I tell you to go out and kill,
that you had to drench the soil of your birth
with so much blood?

Who gives you the right to be your own judge and to place so much power on your own head?
Rwanda, Zimbabwe and so many more
cry for justice, but that is Mine.

You take it very literal what I once said to the woman,
‘Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you’.
Who gave you the right to defile her?
Her cries for justice ascend into My heavenly chambers.

Adam what have you done to her and with the land where you have gone to?
Are you so afraid of My holy laws that you wrote some yourself,
so you can dominate, according to your own desires,
and trample the land and the woman under your contemptuous feet.

Didn’t you want this yourself, knowing it all better? Well!
I followed you, even into your obscure hole.
What will be your answer when I ask you,
‘Where are you Adam, where did you go?’

You feel contempt for the woman I once gave you.
She was too curious, but where were you
when she wanted to know if there was more, in Gan Eden?
It was then that you were supposed to watch over her and over yourself!

Apparently dominating is more to your liking You chop like a loose cannon and take whatever you like. She does not count.
Did your inability in Eden scare you so much
that she mourns for the rest of her life, because of your frustration?

I can see you also in Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the rest, too many to mention!
Holes are there also where you are boasting.
Women for pleasure, continuously crying  because of your cruelty.
Did I say that in My holy Law?

Woman of Valor, come! Stand up for her who has no voice.
‘You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not succumb to fear’.
I am your Defender, your Creator, and your Husband.
Turn to Me and I will try you
so you can stand up and take refuge near Me.

The time of restoration has started now.
My Torah shall go all over the world
as a witness to all, also to this Adam.
That I will restore, your disgrace to joy
your sins forgiven, your grief and tears reconciled.

Adam where will you be when I come to put things straight
what was destroyed under your dominating feet?
I was here as the second Adam, to show you how to treat her.
So, where were you? It was for you as well, in your dark hole!

Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine and so many more.
How will you explain to her and your country what you did then and what you were thinking?
You saw yourself as really something, when you turned away from My Laws
with all these precious valuable values which could have guarded you from exactly this deed.