Unsteady I set foot on Thy path

Imperfect and incomplete I follow…

Fearful, joyous, insecure,

Looking for affirmation.


Unacquainted to security

I fall, stumble, walk…

Searching for affirmation.


From whom? From You, yes, from You!

Seeking it in other people…

Not used to security…

I am seeking it from them.


Used to shortage..

I do not recognize my G’d.

The full source of security.

Seeking affirmation all the time

I walk right past You.


No-one can fill your certainties

Than the one who created you.

Calling, crying I turn to You.

Confirm, my G’d, the work of my hands…

Confirm the work of our hands.

Confirm me in you!


Confirm Your peace in us

Then we will see good days.

Confirm us in Your rest…

In Your certainty.

Confirm us in You,

Confirm the work of our hands….Confirm that!


Psalm 90: 11, 17, 15

Who knows the power of Your wrath, who fears Your anger truthfully?

Show us Your grace.

Adonai our G’d, confirm the work of our hands,

the work of our hands, confirm that.

Make us glad according to the days You have afflicted us.