Anger needs a place

You  may learn from God that anger needs a place.

An anger that people do to each other
Just like God is angry and upset about that.
Then this anger will contribute to your self respect.
So that you will be freed from your pain,
because you’ll feel strong enough to let go of it.

Rosh Chodesh Nisan.
Ps. 18:37 You lengthen the steps I can take,
yet  my ankles do not turn.

Forward without delay
Shake off what keeps you
to grow in character..
to become without spot.

What is it that hinders you on your way?
Is it people that frighten you,
Or is there friction between Daddy and you
The darkness threatens…

See, how the opening originates, on the narrow road.
The death of Yeshua on the scornful wood.
So lonesome He went before you
He made space for your foot, His dark hour.

His blood cleanses, His sacrifice saves.
Your path lights up unto the Pesach festival.
Refreshed I join the wedding procession
Towards the groom.

Baruch HaShem