Arrive safe and healthy

Rosj Chodesj Ijar, Celebrating New Moon Ijar 5770.

Tehillim 118,
Give thanks to Adonai; for He is good,
For His grace continues forever.
Now let Israël say,
His grace continues forever.


Isra’el, the travel of your life knows many valleys.
So often stormy your road will be.
Your dreams fly along in flashes….
taken away by reality.

Where the road seemed to be straight….
a sharp bend showed up.
When you turned your head you saw nothing…
of what was ever there.
Was it ever there?

The rest you did go…
was His tangible presence ever…so clear?
But now you seemed to be lonely….on some unknown road.
Cold as ice and dark….
with only a shadow of the majesty of then.

Hard squalls made you dizzy.
Sinister sculptures, passed on your road.
In your head resounded still His majesty.
Your long travel seemed to be so endless and strange.

In your luggage you looked for water and salt.
The ration was small…
But you stayed alive.

Strong reduced you drifted ashore…
on hard ground, a rock, so strong and perfect.
Today you arrived safe and healthy.

The beginning of a new time.
You’re cutting cords of fear and sorrow.
And you stand up….you go to meet your Bridegroom.
He is waiting for you, He loves you.