At home


Where do you come from?
Too far from here, Lord.
Who has shown you the way?
rings from Your Word
were my guide.

Whispers – of a long lost home.
So soft – then loud!
A straying stranger – needed to go

As a stranger?
You are one of many – yes! Just like that.
Yes! Lord, till I saw You:
My home.

Couldn’t close my eyes to You
A heavy journey began.
The whispering was gone.
Oh G’d, the I AM
Weren’t You going with me, going home?

Frightened, with eyes red and swollen
Just like my heart.
You were just teasing me
Are you really going home?

Dark clouds gathered,
Joining the veil of my heart.
The call of fear and loneliness
Came and entered Your home.

Withered, dried up and worn out
You drew me to Your side.
You washed me, You clothed me
And brought me into Your home.

Slowly melting away, the veil of my heart.
Your countenance is Light,
And know
now you are home.

Rosh Chodesh Sivan (1 Sivan 5771; 3 June 2011)
Psalm 15:1, Adonai, who may be guest in your tent?
Psalm 68:6, G’d in his holy dwelling is a father to orphans and defender of widows.G’d gives homes to those who are alone.
Psalm 16:11, You show me the path to life; in Your presence is overwhelming joy, a lovely place by your side forever.