Being born, though not allowed to live
Preciously woven in their mother’s womb
Often awaited, though sometimes unwanted
No room for their lives in this world
Even unborn, some are disturbed, murdered.
No room in the life of her that conceived.

Being born, condemned to live
In hostile places, or bound to kill
In a world, in which all too often
There is no room for innocent lives.
War, illness and hunger is their fate.

Being born and discarded by her who conceived you,
Because there is no food for the two of you or more.
Laid down among the outcasts:
Those who are just as little allowed to exist.
You are alive, if you can call it that way.

Children for whom there is no room on this earth
But they are there, and even far too many.
They can be seen scratching about
On the rubbish-heaps of our wealth:
Filthy, hungry, they come into our world
Captured by the lenses of our curiosity.

Pressed to be soldiers, still children, killing is their way of life
Driven by men full of hatred, to kill others.
Oh! What a fate for those children!
Tears for them well up from the depths of my soul
For them who shouldn’t be alive
Although life has been given to them.

Sometimes thumb-marked
By those who do not want to know You
Abused they were, and assaulted.

Those images are becoming familiar to our eyes
In our spoiled little lives.
Our – wanted – children are spoiled all too often
By luxury, without limits, without depth.
Their lives, so full of potention, become empty…
By abundance.

A precious gift, granted to us, is a child
Trusted to the hands of fragile parents
To love them
To give them back – by living His way of life – to Him!
His love expressed in His Word
In order to truly live!

Being a parent is a privilege
Children so preciously given by Him
Woven in their mother’s womb, to exist in love.
Adonai, You, giver of life, please come to the children
Save those children from the hands of those
Who do not want to know You…