City of G-d


Jerusalem, intoxicating city of G-d,
Far from shame they try to lay their hands on you.
Greedy and covetous, they want to possess you.

Jerusalem, where haShem wants to live for ever.
Where the nations gather pugnaciously.
Their gods are greedily tumbling over one another.
Haughtily they are dividing the spoils.

Jerusalem, everlasting city of G-d.
You centre of a great war, hold on!
Right now I will save you and fight for you.
With great compassion I will deliver you.

Jerusalem, forever you will shine.
You will be clothed by Me, your G-d
With beauty far beyond rubies.
Your enemy will no longer be.

Jerusalem, My city!
Fear not, I will come, I will save you.
Clothed with strength, no one will ever divide you again.

Jerusalem, intoxicating city,
In a thundering noise your enemies will collapse.
Their place will no more be found.
But you, forever you will shine in your place.

Jerusalem, My city.
I shall wipe your tears.
You belong to Me, your G-d.
Fear not, for I am coming!
Jerusalem, My city,
Forever you will shine
In My light.