by Cisca Mudde

Yeshua visited the underworld
those killed in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Below them a deep hole
that reflects fierce back to now.
Swept away by the flood
their existence.

So deep He went for us.
For all He went there
because He loves us.
It goes that deep
Yes! So deep He had to go
Not to miss one.

It’s the depth we have chosen.
Yet so committed He is with us.
He gave everything in depth
So that everything we do
was touched by His blood.

Yet we go on.
Is all for nothing?
Until the cup is full He seeks us.
Therefore so deep gone for us.
Until he has found His.

And could carry all deep pain.
For us who have gone so far.
How else would He comfort
in their existence sometimes so wounded?
He took the risk and went
carried it, felt it, vulnerable and alone.

How else would He dry tears
cried by sorrow and sinfulness?
How deep this depth was He knows!

Radiant is His victory
for us, the Road to Life.
From the deepest depth of our existence.
That way He could be our Saviour.
At whatever depth sin intervenes.
Trust Him, your Rock.

Would there be anything too hard for Him?
For Him who knows all depths.
After all, he was there for you!

Isaiah 66:13, Like a mother comforting her child, so will I comfort you; in Jerusalem you will find comfort.