Devarim – Words  (Shabbat Hazon)  Parasjat Hasjawoe’a  9-8-2008

You want to speak Your Words to me                        John 1: 14
You, Who are the Living Word
I pray: Make me alive by Your Words
And speak to me over and over again

Words, which will heal my sorrows
Your Word, that tells me: I love you
Teach me to break down the lies
So that the child in me be free

Childlike and unprejudiced trust
Shaped into maturity
Application of Your Thora
Will be a blessing for my life

With Your Thora come the blessings;
Your Existence in my life
Your Presence, Love, desire for Relationship
Thàt will change my existence

Guilty, because of all my failures
Justified, because You paid my debt
And the reason of Your Coming
Not to cast away, but to choose Your people, including me

You even long to talk with me
And long to be my Comforter
You also long to be related
Do we know Your Loneliness?

Yeshua I want to be available
To help building Your House
Where people can meet one another
To study and practise Your Thora

Words, that they may heal instead of wound us.
His mouth is sweetness itself
This is My beloved, and this is My Friend,
O, daughters of Jerusalem.
Solomon’s Song of Songs 5: 16