Eve, Bo’i

Eve, arise, it is time!
Great injustice is noticed now.
Dry your tears!
For a long time you were forced to be small,
Quiet, subdued.
The cup is full.

Your Maker is your Husband.
Do not fear any longer.
Arise and serve humanity
In His power, together with the man.
Then light will break through.
You will both be in His will.

The Adversary must yield
To this powerful outbreak.
Unity equals balance:
Not to the taste of the Divider.
Take the place that was given to you.

Stand in His power, go in His light.
Forget the barrier.
Unhide from your shame.
It was not by Him
That you had to bow your head.

Bo’i [come!], Eve, arise, it is time!
The Adversary is scared
When you arrive in His power,
Woman, just as you were intended!
Then his dreadful influence is past!

Arise, Eve, bo’i!
Clothe yourself with power.
Break down, take back
What the Adversary has stolen.
Don’t look back.
It is over, go!
Experience My power.
Bo’i Eve!

Song of Songs 5:7
The watchmen roaming the city found me;
They beat me, they wounded me;
They took away my cloak [my honor, my position, my task],
Those guardians of the walls!

I called out to You, my Maker , my Husband!

Song of Songs 2:10,11
My darling speaks; he is saying to me,
“Get up my love! My beauty! Come away!”
For you see that he winter has passed,
The rain is finished and gone.

Cisca Mudde