Transition, liberation!
Passover Lamb, unleavened.
Glory and power
The Most High, sets us free.

We walked in His track.
Sounds of the shofar
make me tremble with awe

I am aware of me
being in the footsteps of
Israels Patriarchs
the footsteps of
The Almighty!

In awe I experience
the centuries old
sounds of Shofar.
Realize the greatness
and the Mighty
Glory of our God

Happy, surprised
I turn again and again
my feet in his track.
What an honor!

Under the centuries-old
Shofar sounds of Rosh Hashanah.
I go up to Passover,
Feast of our God.
In His Footsteps
I follow surprised
my way.

A bright future
meeting, supported by
Messiah Yeshua
the water has to go.
We walk in His track!

Cisca Mudde