He, she, you or me
It doesn’t matter
It is the same by all of us
That there is a moment in your life
that the time stops for a moment

People who hurt you
horrible situations that are still with you
You carry it on with you
It still stays inside of you

You feel the pain and the sadness
No one sees it
But don’t be afraid
Because you are not alone

God knows what you are going through
And He doesn’t want you to give up
to give up because of the pain and
because you are hurt by anyone else

There is an answer He can give to you
To go on with your life
Forgiveness is necessary to grow
Forgiveness is necessary to bloom

If you forgiveĀ  you will be free
Free from all the sadness and anger
That has lived in you all the time
Don’t let it come so far

Is God not the One who forgave you
to start all over again and to live
to live following his will and
See life through his glasses

Forgive all the people who hurt you
It is time for you to stand above it
Don’t let the pain and anger influence your life
Cause God wants to protect you

He wants to protect you for giving op your life
He wants you to learn how to forgive
Even it seems hard and far away
With God on your side it is possible and on your way

Giordena is our youngest writer and poetess. She is only 19 years and expresses her feelings, hopes and faith.