Lo-ruchama and lo-ami

Parasjat Hasjawoe’a     Ki Tavo                      20 Elloel 5768

Isaiah  60: 1-22                                                         20th of September 2008

Lo –  Ruchama

Without mercy
Lo –  Ammi
Not Yours

Lost innocence
Stolen or given away
Womb, taken possession of
Life threatened by death.

Be born again in My Spirit
Enveloped by My Safety
Sheltered, nourished and inviolable
Living for Eternity

Encircled without feeling oppressed
Hear the heartbeat of My Heart
Linked to you in a special way
In the deepest of My Being

Flesh born of the flesh
Grieving about the past
Life born out of New Life
Spirit born of the Spirit

Say to your brothers:    Ammi
And to your sisters:      Ruchama

And I will sow her unto me in the earth
And I will have mercy upon her that had no mercy
And I will say: You are my people

And they shall say:
You are my God.

Hosea   2:1 &  2: 23