Purim, parted poem

by Cisca Mudde

The day will shine
reveal double standards
silence touches
beauty everywhere
where was distortion
is sublimity
and purity.

Where can Haman
always shelter
think twice
speak twice
by wanting to be friend
keeping up appearances
Haman is there.

Purity is suspicious
even in person’s eyes
heard too often
impossible so bend
for duplicity
innocence must die
Haman wins and laughs.

The day will shine
be double fades
keeping up appearances
no more ground
when He appears
to thrive
endure purity
no duplicity.

The day will shine
You laugh, you mock them
who consider themselves safe

behind masks

of self-protection
double standards,
survival urge
and deceiving appearance
no Haman survives
the pure anger
of the Eternal.

The day will shine
silence touches
beauty takes over
you can be there
without double standards.

Who is powerful
to break the Haman spirit
in and around us
and to free us
of double standard and keeping up appearances

The One dwelling in heaven laughs
the Eternal One mocks with them
we must throw off their yoke
free us from their fetters
happy who in His secret place!