The earth was unformed and void.
His Spirit hovered over the earth.
Adonai separated light from darkness.
Messiah was there…
Lightning bolts cleaved the sky above mount Sinai.
Thundering noise filled the sky and echoed over the plains.
The people trembled, full of awe they fell down before Him.
There they lay, dismayed, stunned.
Messiah led us through the wilderness.
Adonai blew His breath over the earth.
At the giving of His holy Words the mountain shook.
Great and impressive His Words rolled over His beloved people.
Silenced and full of awe they rose.
Messiah took us by the hand.
The mountain trembled and shook, lighted up by His great power.
Moses was there and received the precious words.
Words of life for then, for now and for eternity.
Holy Words, expressing His being.
Great and awesome the Words came to us.
Captured in two stone tablets, so they could be touched.
Many of them were too much for the smallness of our human understanding…
We accepted them without knowing how great  and how marvellous!
Messiah watched, lovingly.
‘Live them!’, Adonai calls to us, ‘Taste the heart of My holy Words!
Then you shall really live, every day with joy, in spite of everything.’
But again and again it goes wrong, we are so self-determined.
Forgetting so quickly the power and strength of our G’d.
Then we feel only the burning pain of failure,
‘Cause time after time our eyes are straying from His pure teachings for us.
Yet He does not resign and He plants them in us….
Carves them into our hearts like He did once into the stone.
Again there is fire, manifestation of His might.
Driven by the Spirit Peter calls to us.
This is the Spirit poured out over ‘all’ people.
Adonai sent Messiah Yeshua, Who died for our sins,
Miracles, signs, fire and smoke are seen again.
Yeshua is the way to Life,
I shout for joy and delight in You, my G’d.
The fire of Your salvation has been lighted in us.
By Your goodness we will be saved.
At the Feast of Weeks G’d let us hear His voice.
Multitudes stood speechless, heard Him in their own tongue.
Tens of thousands were saved on that one great day.
Great is Adonai, He does not abandon the work of His hand.
Won through His sacrifice so precious, so delicate!
The day of His coming is tangible in its presence, through His Spirit.
Thunder and hail combined with fire, it will be there like in the desert.
The renewed covenant with His children will resound through the universe.
Great is the King of Kings, our G’d.
He will lead us to His Kingdom… be fervent and full of His Spirit.
Listen to His soft voice written in your heart, to life.
Yeshua our Messiah King: G’d is always there!