Slavery, the Dutch and now

Slavery and the Dutch people.
New slavery in the world
The Pesachlamb

I am shocked to know
How much the Dutch people I am part of
Have forsaken your laws in the past
Your call to freedom from slavery
Freedom to serve a loving God
Oppression because of our evil inclinations.

Our obsession to possess and rule
To see the other less than an animal
Even an animal deserves better
This past is horrifying to me
Done in darkness and still visible
A loving God holding a mirror.How ships filled with human cargo
Sailed the seas and even came
To this Dutch countryside
To be filled up with food
To continue the macabre,
deadly journeys to new worlds west.
Being ruled over, beaten, trampled,
Being dehumanized and killed
No personhood or worthiness allowed
Women enslaved and used
No will of the weak was honored
Lawlessness used to gain and rule.By letting the slaves go free
After a service of six full years
Given them means of livelihood
a feeling of worthiness from You Lord.
Righteous laws from the most High
Creator of humankindEvery person created to know Him
His compassion is endless
His lovingkindness is revealed
Revealed to those who care.
Lord, forgive us our trespasses
Our evil inclination has grown so dark.Even in these days we continue slavery
It spreads over the world like a cancer
It has a new face now of evil
Women and children desecrated
Also men enslaved and mistreated
Used for cheap labor or no livelihood at all.
Children being used as soldiers
Being taken away from their parents
Being send to the frontiers to fight
The warlords staying away from danger
Women being used by men
Their worthiness being stolen and crushed.Save us, o Lord, let us learn from the past,
The world now wake up because of You
My soul pains because of the knowledge of this:
I see the slaves being treated
I do not dare to even think it through.
My soul becomes like a dark roomPained, tries to escape to your light
Light that is pure and protecting
God of Israel save us like in the days of Moses
“And you shall remember that you were a slave
in the land of Egypt,
and the Lord your God redeemed you.”You Lord, only You can heal us
Heal from our deadly past
Forgive us our evil sins
Cleanse us by the blood of the Lamb
The Pesach Lamb of love
It did not open its mouth.

When it was let to the slaughter
He was beaten and crushed for our transgressions
Messiah of all of humankind
He rose from the dead to save His people
To set us free from slavery to sin.
Gave life his meaning and hope.Compare in the Hebrew Bible:  Deuteronomium 15:12-15
Website: Look also for the slave-routes.