She saw Light
darkness struck
she grabbed the Light.

Evil forces
block her way
to that Light
Yeshua, Life
Light, Savior.

Her fate is locked
she has been stolen
from her own life
locked up
in religious violence.

In a marriage
without choice
without light
only coercion.

Surrounded by darkness
she does not live
she only breathes
in whisper

She saw Light
and Life
now there is darkness
a whisper
Yeshua Live in her.

Words are not there
she has been robbed
of everything
Yeshua not from you?

Give Light
in deep darkness
so she is not stolen
from You, Yeshua.

She saw Your Light
see her now
she has been stolen
but not from you
Yeshua, not from You!

Cisca Mudde