Stunning city, a triptych

Stunning city, 1
Jerusalem center of the earth
intoxicating is your appearance
desirable is your place
greedy hands
stretch out to you
envy drips and drools
twisted faces
because of you Jerusalem
they stretch the bow

Whatever you do
it must be different
Israel is not allowed
to live in you
it is not awarded
greedy hands
fumble at your gates
your place is disputed
envy splits the earth
and drags her along
in the most violent battle
around you Jerusalem

Stunning city, 2
desirable is your place

city ​​of G-d
clean your future
center of the earth
you will shine
the Eternal lures your enemies
by your intoxication
He will annihilate them

not a long time anymore
will people despise you
out of greed and hatred
Jerusalem you will stand forever
where you stand
G-d will annihilate them
who trample you
on owned ground

Stunning city, 3
Jerusalem intoxicating cup

clean is your future
Israel will live safely in you
those who violate you now
are no longer

Persevere Jerusalem
victory is certain
G-d fights for you
everyone will hurt themselves
touching you
envy and hatred
will consume them
your intoxicating
cup is their fall

you Jerusalem you
stand Rock solid
at your own place

“I will make Jerusalem a cup of wine that intoxicates the surrounding peoples. On the day that all the nations on earth will come against Jerusalem, I will make of the city a heavy stone to which its assailants will relate. but the Eternal will at the same time support the inhabitants of Jerusalem: the weakest among them on that day will be as strong as David, and the house of David will lead them as if G-d himself led them. On that day I will do everything I can to eradicate the nations that besiege Jerusalem “(Prophet Zechariah)

Cisca Mudde