The battle of my faith

It is and stays a fact

Every human has deep down inside a battle to fight
I already discovered
That no one on this earth is perfect
You wear a mask on the outside
But there is a batlle in the inside

In this world nothing seems what it is
Its how you see it
The people are living for something
Few are living for nothing

If you could watch the inside of every human
Watch it as if with a large lens
You would not believe your eyes what is living in a human
Fortunately only God knows how a human looks at the inside
He is the One who created human beings and animals
Who knows you better than He

He gave us life
Now it is on you to give Him something back
By loving Him en live His will
Every day it is a true battle

A battle against your feelings,  sense and your own will
These things could take over
It is  hard to control it
We are born in sin
But God wants you no longer to live in sin
He wants you to be reborn

You got to take off your old nature and put on the new
Who says that it is easy to do it
You have to make a choice every day
Do you want to live as a slave of sin
Or do you want to live in freedom with Him

Let Him set you free
Let Him guide you
Give your life to Him
Choose for Him every day and every time
God is the One who cares about you
He wants you to live

It is and continues to be a battle
For every human every day
To choose for satan or the Lord
Around us there is sin and darkness
But know that God is light
There will always be sin
Untill Yeshua the Messias will appear