The Saviour in all your needs

Is there a way out

A way to get out of your problems?
Is there an easy way
A way to live for ever with the Lord?

Where is The Hand
The Hand that can lead you?
Who is the One
The One  who can set you free?

Who will catch you
Catch you when you fall?
Who will be there for you
If something has disappointed you?

Why is there darkness
Darkness that makes you blind?
That is why there is The Light
The Light that sets you free.

Who is He
He that carried our sins?
It is God alone
Who has an answer to all of your questions.

God is your Saviour
Your Saviour in all of your needs.
Only He can save you
Save you from death.

Do not lean on humans.
Don’t build your trust on them.
Only the Lord  knows
Only He knows who you are.

Even if you feel so
So alone and abandoned.
Is there nobody
Nobody to talk to?

God will always be there for you,
He is there and will always be.
It’s He Who understands you,
All of your suffering and your pain.

Although a lot of things  seem inpossible to you,
With God alone everything is possible.
Only He knows what’s best for you
and knows what belongs to you.