The shame of your youth

Parashat Ki tetse  13    Ellul 5768
Isaiah 54:1-10     September 13, 2008


No blush with shame,
Those days are gone.

No more shame and revilement
No more rejection
No violation
No trespassing your boundaries
No more loneliness and no more reproach
No more abandonment and
No sorrow anymore.

The shame of your youth,
Those days are gone.

Let me clothe you with Myself
You, very sorrowful woman.
Cover your shame with My mantle,
I will have mercy on you.

Listen to My Voice more and more,
Let other voices fade away.
I have called you by your name
You are mine.

I will change your valley for a door of Hope, (Hosea 2: 15, 19)
You shall sing there as in the days of your youth.
In faithfulness I will take you as My wife
And you shall know the Lord from eternity to eternity.

In righteousness and in justice
In steadfast love, and in mercy.
The shame of your youth
Those days are gone…. for ever.

And they were not ashamed (Genesis 2: 25).