To my beloved Albert

To My Beloved Albertby Ruth Nessim (C 29-02-2008)
There, close by the rolling sea
I laid you down to rest
You who had oft laid down
Your loving head upon my breast.
There close by the lapping waves
We took our final leave
And now am I left all alone
Upon my couch to grieve.Here from our bedroom walls
Your face smiles down at me;
Your gentle eyes and loving touch
Enshrined within my memory.Beloved and dearest of all friends
You still around my heart are ‘twined
And will forever there remain
Until my rest by you I find.
And side by side again we’ll sleepUntil we hear the Trumpet sound
And Archangel’s voice. We shall arise
And from the grave together bound
To meet our Saviour in the skies.

And so, ’til that great day will dawn
Farewell my love, we’ll meet again
On that bright, glorious blessed Morn’