Come out of your high tower
you – yes you – untouchable
you think you are
I the Eternal One of
the hosts laugh
you who can do “everything”
what do you think
from whom did you get
your “power”

One day you
you will meet yourself
then compare your
obtained “might”
and “power” with
the reality
of that day

You stand up front
there you are
you believe you are strong
you can do it all
out of the way because you
are passing by
out of the way!

You’re pass your Savior!
But you are there
you stand up front
your word reigns

Being vulnerable
is not your thing
you are “strong”
healthy “powerful”
out of the way because you!
are passing by

You’re passing your Savior
vulnerable in the court
so terribly alone
All the “strong ones” left
Him alone

vulnerable He gave all
all He had
His life
for those who
dare to be vulnerable
like Him