Throughout the ages over Jerusalem….

Over the mountains of Israel,
to be heard by teachers of Torah as well as the common people…
without prospects as they may be…
unmistakable, a soft whisper, full of promises
is hovering through the streets of Jerusalem

As in the days of Elijah, Isaiah, Yeshua.
Promises of Adonai, written down in black and white
For those who understand the whisper.
Even a dreary day is suddenly crowned with lustre
By the whispering of Adonai
Over the mountains of Israel.

Promises made to men and women
Set apart by the Creator of all,
Become visible, shine in the gloomy corners
Of city, land and heart.
Hope-filled fulfilment of what has been foretold…
Hope-filled fulfilment to a people, without hope just till now.
Immanu’el, G’d, the Most High
Who else than You could there be in that whisper?
I adore You , o G’d of our salvation…
Great healer of my soul.

The whispering grows stronger…
Full promises resonate
Through the heavenly realms, created by You.
All you have promised, will come true.
You who are the Truth, will do it…at your time!
Those who are silent, hear You say comfortingly:
‘Hold what you have got, children of the most high’!

Yes! It is I Am, The I Am in the whispering.
Come, give me your hand, trust me, I am speaking to you.
You have just been silent … for my soft whisper,
So listen carefully’, says the I Am, ‘I love you.
Come to me, just trust me
And you will understand my whisper
In every breath of your existence.
With Me you are safe, children of Israel.
Be still before me.

In the streets of Jerusalem and on the mountains of Zion
The promises whisper through Eretz Yisrael.
Listen, children, and hear your Creator, your King, your G’d.
He is coming soon, spread the news
Over the land and over the people.
Be still, for He whispers softly.