Yeshua, everything about Him is desirable.


My beloved is radiant and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand. Song of Songs 5:10

People’s walls, walls of words …
They suffocate.
My path is narrowing.
My own smallness deprives me of breath.
Is He there?
Where else should I go?

For so long all paths have come to a dead end
You know now and still…
That pain again….
This time in the light of Golgotha
So helplessly alone for you
He gave Himself…
Nothing else.
Take this to heart.
For you!

There on that spot
All your burdens are light
His love touches you deeply
Yeshua, everything about You is good.

It touches me deeply
It’s You saying this to me.
The narrowness leads me closer to You
Yeshua my King and my Love.
You are above everything…
Making space for my foot.
Yeshua, everything about You is good.