The flag of Israel

Shalom dear children!
This summer we learn more about the flag of Israel. How and when was it created?
And what is the meaning of the Star of David, which shows in the center of this flag? The Magen David, or the Star of David, has been a Jewish symbol since the late Middle Ages. There is a story that the shield of King David had the form of this star, or that there was a Star of David on his shield. However, there is no evidence for that.The Star of David can be viewed as a symbol for the Jewish people, like a fish would be for Christians.The magen Davied consists of two triangles. The corners that point upward, are seen by some as if they point to the Eternal One. The corners that point downward, do so towards this world.The Jewish people are living in this world, but walk with the Eternal One at the same time. At least that is how it should be.
A different meaning of the Magen David, in the Middle East and Africa, is  happiness. This is a form of superstition, because it suggests that the Star of David itself would give you happiness. So in that way you are not dependent on the blessing of the Eternal One. Again you see how a symbol can have such different meanings. It goes with the very meaning you give to it. Of course there is nothing wrong with the Star of David in principle: it is just two triangles!

For me personally, the Star of David symbolizes something or someone who is Jewish. A Star of David on a building allows you to see that it serves as a synagogue. The Star of David is a symbol to be proud of, because the Eternal One has already saved Israel from the enemy so many times.In 1897 of the current era, the Star of David was chosen as a symbol during the First Zionist Congress. This star was also placed in the Zionist flag which they chose at that time. This flag was named ‘the Flag of Zion’. When Israel became independent in 1948  of the current era, they chose the same flag. It consists of two sky-blue stripes on a white background with the Star of David in the middle. The meaning of Israel’s flag is a Star of David on a tallit. A tallit is a prayer robe, that is worn by men during the morning prayer, among other things. The sky-blue color is created by a sea snail. When you see a tallit or Israel’s flag,  you remember how the Eternal One is in heaven.The sky is a cover: as long as we live according to the will of G’d, His protection remains over us.
The sky-blue color is also the color of the Mediterranean sea. Especially in Eilat you can see the beautiful colors that make Israel so special: the white rocks contrast with the bright blue sea. Seeing the flag calls to mind all these different images: our Father, He who protects us from the sky, our life on earth hand in hand with Him, the blue color of the prayer robe, the Star of David as symbol for Israel and the blue color of the sea. I’m proud that that Flag waves here, in Jerusalem.Until after the summer!
Noa Naor, Jerusalem
Verse to remember: “I see him (king David), but not now; I behold him, but not soon –  a star will step forth from Ya’akov (Jacob), a scepter will arise from Isra’el…” (Bamidbar/Numbers 24:17).