Noah, boatbuilder with vision

Shalom, dear children!

This month we celebrate Chanukah. We remember the Maccabees: a small, but very courageous group of Jews. The Maccabees rather died, than doing something that would be against G-d’s will, like the worshipping of other gods.

Another person who went against the mainstream in his time was Noah. His generation was full of violence: the people’s thoughts were only evil continually. In this dark time, Noah was different than the people surrounding him: he was righteous, innocent and he followed G-d. Noah found favour in G-d’s eyes. G-d would save Noah, but the other people and animals would die in the great flood.

“Wow, how mean and unfair!”, you could think. I, too, find it hard to understand how G-d regretted that He had created mankind (Genesis 6 verse 6). It’s also difficult how G-d let all people and animals die. How is this possible? Isn’t He a merciful G-d?

Instead of blaming G-d, we can also take a look at people. We truly must have ruined it to enrage G-d so terribly. By this, we can see that we are always responsible for everything we do and do not do. We choose for the good or the bad. In the end, G-d looks at our faith, but also at our deeds. Be aware! G-d says in verse 5 that the thoughts of the people were only evil. So, even our thoughts must praise the Lord!

The faith of Noah could not save the people around him. Likewise, a father or mother cannot believe in G-d instead of you. Faith is your own decision. Did you know that G-d is a Father? He does not have grandchildren, but only children. This means that you can only be His child through your own faith.

Noah was commanded to build an ‘ark’ (boat). That must’ve been very weird: “Ha! Noah is building a big boat and says that the earth will be flooded. Isn’t he crazy?” When G-d calls you to do something, do it! We know what G-d asks of us by reading His Word, the Bible.

Let’s choose G-d’s way and follow Him.

Noa Naor, Jerusalem

Verse to remember: “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Psalm 118 verse 8).