God is good

By Hannah

(Hannah lives close to Jerusalem. She lost her husband four years ago. Hannah has two teenage children)

I am writing these lines with the wish and prayer that they will especially encourage those who are going through a time of difficulties, through a personal deep valley.
He is with you and He, Yeshuah, is so close to the broken hearted.

During the last years my family and me personally went through some very tragic events.
One of them was a dangerous surgery – my life was endangered without but also through the surgery.
It was difficult to face this situation as a mother of two children, who needed me very much.
Looking back I do not want to miss this time in my life.

I had always believed, known and experienced that Yeshua is with me in every situation, that He feels and understands what I am going through. But this difficult and painful time added a new and deeper dimension that I had not known before in my heart: in my agony I realized that He is not only very close and most empathetic and but that He knows all my suffering and all what I can’t express in words already before.
I feel it and go through it, because He took this very pain of mine in His deep love on Himself to the
cross, he went already through it, before I had reached it. This caused a closeness to Him and a deep sense of His love, that is so precious. It is still unfolding to me in a deeper way what it means that by His wounds we are healed.

A verse in Isaiah expresses His gentle love in a beautiful picture: ”He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart.” (Is: 40: 11) This is the place where I can always find a shelter and rest – even and I would say especially in the most difficult times. I can testify that the most important and also precious thing in live is to know deep in my heart that I am loved by the one who created me and that never – for all eternity – something can separate me from His love (Rom. 8:38+39).

There is no limit to what God’s love can do in our lives.