My faith gives me a certain mentality

My faith gives me a certain mentality

by Tirsa Burgos

 In everyday life I really stand for my faith. If people ask me why I do things a certain way, I explain them. I tell them I live Jewish, eat kosher and go to a synagogue every shabbat. I’m really thinking about how I want to be a Jewish woman and how to express that. For example, I try to bake challah every Friday. I’m also thinking about how I will run my household, when I’ll have one of my own.

Do I want a separated kitchen, and why? What are the choices I’ll make as a mother or wife? These are things I’m very consciously considering. I believe traditions play a big part in keeping a people together. Traditions keep things alive. For me it’s very much a choice right now which traditions I’ll keep and which not.

As a Jewish woman, I notice that I’m more aware of my womanhood. In a world where men and women are ‘equal’ and everything should be allowed, I very clearly state my borders. My faith gives me a certain mentality, which also expresses itself in my clothing. In this world it’s very accepted to sell yourself as a woman by emphasizing the best things of your outer appearance. But one also sees how a person is on the inside. In the end, that’s way more important. You can only stay attractive when you’re beautiful on the inside.

My inspiration is the Jewish woman like she can be found in Israel. I was in Israel a while ago and saw a couple of young women with their children sitting outside. And I thought ‘wow, this is what I would want for myself’. The radiation of who they are as a woman, being able to freely express their religion in Israel and live by it really appeals to me.

Not orthodox, but decently and beautifully dressed. You could see their happiness. Despite living in a country where all the misery of the world gets on your roof, there can be women with children sitting there who feel 100% safe and radiate happiness. That is just really the Jewish woman I want to be.

Tirsa is 21 years and studies for Interior Adviser