I became like Ruth

Being blind

How many times did I read the Book of Ruth. From my childhood until now so many times.
It’s such a beautiful story of a woman who left her fathers house and her land and all what she belonged, in the land where she was born. She left it al behind because she had followed her mother in law going to a country where she had never been before. She spoke the historical words: Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.

It was in the first year that I visit on a regular basis my new Congregation Beth Yeshua, in Amsterdam. There they read the Megillat Esther or the Book of Ruth, at the Feast of Shavuoth. On that particular day it looked for me as if this  was  the first time of my entire life in which I was listening to the reading of the Book of Ruth. I understood the words of the Book in a totally new light.  I realized that I had surely not the behavior of the Ruth of the Bible. I saw the big gap between her and my behavior. It was a very painful experience and not easy to deal with.

I saw my place
My background was a Church where we celebrated the Sabbath and al the Feasts  of the Lord. We found out what the Torah had to say about kosher food and al the other commandments that Adonai has given us in his Holy Word, the Bible. All the years that I visited this Church, it was a real pleasure for me, to keep al those commandments before the face of Adonai.

However, we where missing a very important point, in the overall splendid teachings of that Church. And we are not the only one, I found out through the last years of studying about what’s going on in the church landscape. We never reckoned with the Jewish people of Israel as His chosen forever.

O no! We as Church are the chosen forever and we are the people whom shall inherit the promises of the Bible. We are the real Israel. The land of Israel it would by our land as soon as Yeshua will set His feet on the mountains of Zion. We would be the people whom shall reign with the King of Kings for a Thousand Years. I was shocked when I found out through the reading of the Book of Ruth, that she as a believer out of the gentiles, surely not stood in the forefront of the labors, from the house of Boaz. She was waiting for the Lord (and of Boaz) to find out her place in the field. She took the advice of her mother in law very seriously. The result is; as we know out of the Book of Ruth, that she became a mother in the line of Yeshua. She knows her place very well. First the Jew and also the gentile. It opened my eyes and I saw my proud attitude and my ugly behavior in this event. It was a very shameful experience. It brought me on my knees and under tears I confessed my sins to my Maker and my Lord. It is a sin to Him and to His Jewish people. It took three years and many tears before I found myself in the position where Adonai wanted me to be. I found out that this behavior was such a great sin, deep rooted in my self, it had infected al my thoughts my feelings and my handlings. It took a long time to throw out al the roots of that false perception out of my system. A lot more humbled, I saw my real place in my new Congregation. I’ve learned a hard but very fallible lesson for the rest of my life. God says so many times in His Word to us, first the Jew and then the Greek. Another quote from his lips in this case is,’ I shall never forget my people, shall a mother forget her child’. From now on I know my place in the tent of Japheth, the house of Adonai. He forgave me and His compassion is so great and wonderful.
I could hardly believe it but His Grace is everlasting through Yeshua.

He gave me my place
Last year in October  2007, I became at least a member of Beth Yeshua. It was a wonderful moment in my life. I was so grateful that I became a ‘daughter of Israel’ trough this membership. Joyful tears dripped out of my eyes. After the sermon there was a wonderful and lovely woman in the Congregation. She gave me a wish card, with on the forefront a little boy with the Torah scroll in his hands. This was a warm welcome for me as a member of this fine House of Adonai, Beth Yeshua. My eyes became full of tears when I read the text. Joy and thankful I shouted to Adonai: Thank you my Lord, thank you so much, for this words. What were these words on that beautiful small card,  that made me  burst out in that way to my God?

Through my tears I red the words of Ruth 2:8-14  “Boaz said to Rut, ‘Did you hear that, my daughter? Don’t go to glean in another field, don’t leave this place, but stick here with my working girls. Keep your eyes on whichever field the reapers are working in, and follow the girls”. (David Stern,  Bible).

Yeshua had given me my place by His Israel, his Jewish People from the beginning and His People forever. And now I am in the right direction, Baruch  HaShem, great is Adonai.

He Who forgives my sins. He Who puts all the scattered pieces of my life together, and gave me al this credit. Later I realized this!

Read it by yourself in the Book of Ruth 2:10, the last part “Why are you showing me such favor? Why are you paying attention to me? After all, I’m only a foreigner.”

And He showed me also another verse in His Book: “in Yeshua there is no man or woman, and there would be not a stranger, but they all should be one”.

Ruth found her redeemer in Boaz and in the God of Avraham, Izaac and Jacob, the God of Israel. I found my redeemer in Yeshua Messiah, the eternal King of Israel.