Esjet Chayil reaches out her hands to the poor!

In Proverbs 31:20 we read of the “strong woman or Eshet Chayil: “She stretches out her hand to the wretched, stretches out her hands to the needy.” Hand here is the Hebrew word Chaf (כף) meaning sole of the foot and hand. Expanding, is from the Hebrew word, paras. (פרש). It also means communicating, expanding, reaching out.

On this website we reach out and we communicate. We provide this information because we believe that the Lord disapproves of our style of dealing with this Earth and the way we consume. This site tries to show Messiah and to improve our behavior so that we can make this world a better place: tikun olam. As humanity, we make the world a better place together: men and women, even in this crisis.

There is a new category on our website: COVID-19 with new articles. An important article was written by Rachel Cannegieter where you can sign her action to make the world a better place. My husband Lion Erwteman also writes about Shavuot, the important Feast we celebrate in late May. Due to the virus in a very unusual way: at home, keeping distance from our families.

When the coronavirus made people seriously ill in Wuhan, everyone was shocked. Virologists have warned us for years about viruses that could threaten humanity. What a shock it was when it turned out that this virus infection became a pandemic,

The people in health care had their backs against the wall and because there was no cure to treat and cure people, many people have already succumbed to this serious lung infection.

Our immune system is an incredibly beautiful weapon against invaders such as viruses and bacteria. This virus tests you enormously and you are happy when you automatically get better from this infection and you thank the Lord! Unfortunately, this time we also cannot travel to Jerusalem. Hopefully again soon!

Chag Shavuot sameach!
Elze Erwteman