Art of living

It is an attitude of life to be able to enjoy the good things that the Lord is giving us.

A grateful heart is an attitude and an art of living that is worthwhile learning. It will greatly benefit us.
When I was young I discovered that I complained too often and too much in my soul. I did not like it in myself and started to put bible texts at my kitchen drawers that where speaking about thankfulness and being content.

In due time I experienced that my atttitude has changed and I am grateful to the Lord.
The traditional Jom Kippur prayer ‘Ashamnu’ also has a verse about  complaining calling it a sin, but in the time I repented of this I did not know this. Every year in the ‘Ashamnu’ I remember my past and know it to be so important to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord.

Tragic experiences and healing
Often in our life we go through tragic and painful times. There are two possibilities. Either we grow bitter or we use our pain to cling on to the Lord. The last thing is the best we can do. For the Lord is very loving and compassionate. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is tender and caring as a mother. Often are such bad curcumstances a time for evaluation of our lifes. Things that were important at first now are less important or not important at all any more.

The love for God in our lifes becomes if possible the most important thing. To be able to know Him more and to be able to serve Him if possible. In 1Kor.13:12-13 we read: “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I shall know fully, just as I also have been fully known. But now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

We see that we are fully known by God. He knows every thing and He loves us. It is so good to trust Him and to be restored from our pain, wounds and sadness in order to become a woman of valor.