Wake up!

In the world believers in Messiah Yeshua are waking up for the Tora that was given through Moses to Israël. Believers wrestle with the difference between what they are hearing from the most teachers of the Bible and what they themselves are reading in the Bible. Many have heard the same things for years or even generations. An example f.i. is that the day of the Lord is the Sunday. Also people say: it does not matter what day we actually choose. Also: we do this already for so many years and we are used to it. Our culture is part of it. And sure that is this true!

If you are visiting or living in Israël, than is it very clear what day the Lord has chosen to rest. On Friday afternoon all businesses and banks are closing early. You have counted the days in Hebrew as: day 1, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7: shabbath. The seventh day the Lord has given to Israel and also to those who join Israël. to be refreshed and bccome spiritual people.

If you observe shabbath than your whole weekschedule is focusing upon the coming shabbath. You take care that you are ready when you enter the shabbath. In Israël the days are not called after false gods or planets like in the western world. Like:  Sunday (day of the sun); Monday (day of the moon), Tuesday, called after the Germanic god: thingsus, god of community; Wednesday, called after Germanic head-god wodan; Thursday, called after Thor, god of thunder; Friday, called after goddess Freya of lust, love and fertility; Saturday, day of saurus, god of agriculture and satur is degeneration of Saturn.

So western culture shows his roots. These are not the roots of our faith.
Time to wake up!

A different example is Pesach. This year we celebrate Pesach at the 18th of April. That is on the Hebrew calender: 14th of Nissan. The ressurection-day of Yeshua is that 17th of Nissan. This year on a thursday. Every year this is on the 17th of Nissan, but on a different day of the week. Death could not keep Messiah, but He is the LIFE!

If you are speaking to believers about these issues it is often women who ask questions about these issues. The Lord uses women to wake up his church for these important things.

Pesach is a time to wake up and to know our roots.

Happy Pesach!